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Executive Chef

Guido Heinrich Haverkock, in 2012 Guido decided to move back to a region he is so attached to Tuscany. He chose to take on a new project as the Executive Chef of the Restaurant TAVOLA DI GUIDO at the boutique hotel of Locanda Le Piazze, Castellina in Chianti, which opened to the public in Summer 2013.   Guido was searching for a project that would involve him from the start so that he could apply his vision. In his kitchen TAVOLA DI GUIDO, he explores many of the new diet’s requirements like vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free to please all his guests’ palates.

Born in Germany in 1972, Guido decided at the age of 16 to become a cook. During the following 3 years he attended the “Ecole Hôteliere “ in Ahaus.  His professional journey started about 800 km away from his hometown of Heek, North West of Germany.  He worked and trained during the next five years in five different Restaurants around Germany. Four of these did hold Michelin stars at the time.

In 1996 after his first experience as a sous chef with a little amount of money saved, he decided to look for a job abroad. Considering that his Chefs had all made experience in France and that the style he had learnt so far was pretty close to the French one, he opted for Italy.

He started to work as a commis in Heinz Beck’s kitchen at restaurant La Pergola in Rome. Among his colleagues he met his wife, Giovanna. After one year, La Pergola was awarded with its first Michelin star. By the following year La Pergola gained a second star while Guido worked in the position of Heinz Beck’s Sous chef.

In 2001, Guido felt ready to start his first adventure as Executive Chef. He accepted his first job as a Chef in a 5 stars luxury hotel in Aachen: Hotel Quellenhof, where he worked with success as Executive Chef in the fine dining restaurant and as Executive Sous Chef in the hotel Banquet department. As his family felt home sick, Guido decided to accept a job as Executive Chef for Castello Banfi in Montalcino (Tuscany), a winery with two restaurants.

After the first year in Montalcino, Guido got awarded with his first Michelin star that will be confirmed for the next 8 years that he spent at Castello Banfi. Meanwhile, he attended AIS (Italian Association of Sommeliers) courses and became a professional sommelier.

The will to face a new challenge, made Guido moved to Bologna where, for the next four years, he worked as the Executive Chef in the four stars luxury hotel “i Portici”. After three years Guido and his team earned a Michelin star.

In 2012, Guido took some time off to reflect on what was his new journey. He travelled to Thailand, France, USA and Canada, prior deciding to join the team “Alove” in the creation of a boutique Hotel in Chianti, Tuscany.

Guido spends all his free time with his family and their 3 Jack Russell, in the little city of Piombino on the seaside of Tuscany. Fond of music, especially rock, blues, hip-hop and acid jazz: Guido likes to listen to different tunes when he is in the kitchen during the preparation of dishes. During is time off, Guido travels, explore new cooking techniques and ride his bike.

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